Spin Master Games Jumanji The Game Cardboard


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  • Recommended for 8 years and up
  • Material/s: Plastic parts
  • Only start if you want to finish it.
  • Jumanji The board game takes adventurers on a journey through the jungle to solve puzzles and tackle tasks while trying to keep their life game chips
  • Collaborate and win together: each player tries to be the first to reach the center of the jungle, call and win Jumanji.
  • But when a player loses all their life game chips, all players have lost
  • Solve puzzles and tasks: each round delivers puzzles and tasks to solve.
  • Escape dangers, prove speed and tell exciting stories to keep moving forward
  • Measures approximately 0.90 in x 5.83 in x 4.28 in
  • Color and Packaging may vary

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